so sooo many people ship RosexTen, not really thinking about Nine at all, but here’s the thing that kinda bothers me.

Besides the fact that Rose’s love for The Doctor started with Nine, Ten was about to bring┬áMadame de Pompadour along with him in the TARDIS after kissing on her and shit while Rose was still there and everyone seems to overlook that. Just saying.

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    if i didn’t already think moffat was pretty much epic fail, i’d lose all my respect for him for coming in to write for...
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    I’ve given up on anything Moffat writes for Doctor Who making sense. It’s like timey-wimey wibbly wobbly -whatever is...
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    pretty easily tbh? I mean, no one in this episode behaves in-character, from the start. We go from “Rose is irritated...
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    ok, I didn’t know about the bit of it already being planned. So that’s kinda upsetting to think about. But how can you...
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    #also i read that moffat had that ep planned before they knew nine was leaving #so yes internet nine would’ve done the...